Retiring by 40: Passive Income Development — Challenges

I did my SWOT analysis last night, and mentioned my goal here. There were a couple of things though that don’t represent weaknesses or threats that will be a challenge to developing passive income.


These are the first few images for “passive income” on Google Images. Note that freedom is paramount in just about all of them.

First and foremost will be the birth of my child.


This is Maxwell at twelve weeks. He’s thirty-nine weeks today, and due any day (officially Tuesday though).

Newborns obviously require a lot of attention, and a lot of time. That will make passive income development at least the fifth thing on the list, after my wife, my child, myself, and my job.

Secondly, while I’m lazy to an extent (I did mention that in the weaknesses section ) it’s also partly that I’m a low energy-person. I meant to get more done today, but after work I need a nap. Seriously, I slept for an hour and a half that I could have used to do more work. I did manage to finish most things but now a couple of things will get pushed into tomorrow.

I’d really like to be the type that could survive on four hours of sleep per day. I envy those people.

Thirdly, I don’t know what I’m going to do to create passive income. I have some ideas, and some time to try and figure it out, but I would prefer to have a slightly more concrete idea at this point. I don’t have much time to experiment if I’m to meet my goal.

Tomorrow I’ll go over some of the things that I think will be advantageous that didn’t fit into the SWOT analysis.

Thoughts? Ideas? Please feel free to leave a comment.