Travel Statistics #travel #success

The statistics that knows about. I’ve only been using +TripIt since 2008, but these stats are really interesting. First, I’ve traveled an entire year of my life. That’s 1 of 41. Sure, a small percentage, but still an interesting thing. I’ve already spent more than 10% of this year traveling, and still have at […]

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2015 in Review

How was my 2015? Pretty spectacular. Life-changing. The big news of the year was the birth of our first child, our son Maxwell. He’s almost eight months old already, and it’s amazing to see how time has gone by so slowly and yet so quickly. It was a rough first six months, because he had […]

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Heading Back to London!

Picture from I’m sitting not far from where the gent in the picture is sitting. While I have any number of improvements that I can suggest to people (and as @british_airways knows, I’m not shy about telling them), overall I do like the service that I get on British Airways. I’m sitting in the […]

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Time Zones and Jet-Lag!

Picture from Technically, I’ve missed blogging today if we go by the timezone in which I’m usually writing, but here in the Pacific Time Zone, I’ve got another six hours! Of course, since I’m absolutely jet-lagged (and actually feeling slightly feverish) this won’t be much of a post. I had hoped that by coming […]

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Augustine

Picture of one of the lovely decorations my wife did for our wedding. It never ceases to amaze me that most Americans don’t own a passport, and few travel. (The link includes some excellent reasoning on why that happens.) Since I’ve now lived outside the US as well as travelled extensively (and likely will continue […]

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Picture Heavy Post: Harry Potter World, Part 1 @wbstudiotour #HarryPotterWorld #HarryPotter @starbucks

The entrance to the Harry Potter World studio tour. My wife and I were given two tickets for Harry Potter World here in the UK. While it was difficult to get a booking, we were lucky two weekends ago that there was a cancellation and we were able to go on Saturday at 4pm. It’s […]

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