Anatomy of Cryptophishing – Hydro Project

Cross-posted to “” and “BecomeACyberSecurity.Expert” Logo is stolen from the real Hydro Protocol folks. I get some interesting emails, and in particular, some interesting phishing emails. Most of them are quite poor, and fairly easy to spot, and the people constructing them don’t go through a lot of effort. I received one today that was […]

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On Hacking Automated Trucks #cybersecurity #y2k #iot

Regarding this article from a post on Linked In: Is #cybersecurity the #Y2K of this generation? This author seems to think so. This is telling: “Yes, that [hacking automated trucks] is possible, but the designers of these systems are aware of the issue and are putting measures in place to avoid it.” This completely […]

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U.S. Government Releases “Proof” of U.S. Election Hacking by Russians

Gary Markstein, as above. Edit: Original post still below, but I’ve been informed by several of the Threat Researchers with whom I work that this report is not supposed to be considered as the government’s proof, merely things that organisations can use in order to protect themselves. With that understood, it still furthers a narrative […]

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Malware via Email

I can tell just by looking what kind of malware this is likely to be. I imagine that many people don’t look forward to getting malware on their machines, but I do. It’s great – as a person who fights this sort of thing on a regular basis, the “enemy” is kind enough to regularly […]

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Getting Back to Blogging

It’s been a while since I posted anything, as anyone who reads this blog (though I doubt there are many) must realize. My son turns seven months old today, and of course that has something to do with it, but at the same time it’s also been a bit of laziness. Hopefully that will change […]

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