“Critic” Is My Least Favourite Job Title @auerbachkeller @stephen_wolfram @wolframresearch #computerscience

Screenshot from Wolfram.com. I usually plan for my posts, but then I’ll end up reading something which will drive me a little nuts. As I’m not feeling particularly well, I’ll plan to keep this post short (and fail, it seems), but I’m referring to this article by David Auerbach, entitled “Language Barriers”. At Auerba.ch, he […]

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Series Review: Return of the Silver Tongue #cantonese #comedicdrama #hongkong

Picture from http://www.4hw.com.cn. “Return of the Silver Tongue” is a Cantonese language comedy drama spanning 25 episodes, originally broadcast on Jade in Hong Kong. Primarily telling the story of a teacher turned lawyer in the time of the Qing dynasty, it also follows several other main characters and their intertwining stories. The villain in the […]

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Building Systems

INTJs build systems from an early age. Witness me at two, having built a two building ‘city’ complete with public transportation: One of the most interesting things about The Four Hour Work Week is that Tim Ferriss doesn’t suggest doing a lot less work or getting rid of work (as some people seem to think) […]

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