2015 in Review

How was my 2015? Pretty spectacular. Life-changing. The big news of the year was the birth of our first child, our son Maxwell. He’s almost eight months old already, and it’s amazing to see how time has gone by so slowly and yet so quickly. It was a rough first six months, because he had … Continue reading

The Most Annoying Question Ever?

While it’s not quite the most annoying sound ever, it’s close. It started in the hospital. I’m sure it’s a funny joke among the staff, because they are only involved tangentially, and they go home after a twelve-hour shift. We didn’t get to go home for five days. It seems like a … Continue reading

Activity Chart – Mark 1 & Mark 2

The latest iteration of the sheet. We’ve been finding that the feeding chart for Maxwell has been inadequate. For starters, we want to track more than just his feedings; we’d like to keep track of his sleep as well. Consequently, I’ve updated the feeding chart to include a “Z” column … Continue reading

To Circumcise or Not?

No pictures for this post. You can google it if you want. You may remember that my wife and I had a son. That brings with it the heady decision of whether or not you will circumcise your boy. Here in Europe, it’s not really a common practise, but in the US where I’m from it’s done … Continue reading

Newborn Feeding Chart – Mark 3

The feeding chart, updated again. I’ve updated the feeding chart again, but I’m not entirely happy with it at the moment. I’ve made it so you can represent a lot of information about the feeds per day in a small area, and list 18 of them each day, with the ability to specify one or more … Continue reading