Google Pixel XL (128GB) Review

I own a Google Pixel XL in Very Black with 128GB onboard storage. I have had a Samsung Galaxy Note since the first one. I still have my Galaxy Note 4. (Actually, I have two of them! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go any further with the Note series for two big reasons. Samsung in their … Continue reading

On @apple’s Lack of Improvement

It seems I'm not the only one disappointed with the lack of improvements in the new Macbook Pros. Scanning Linked In and other social media sites shows I'm not the only one who would prefer a laptop that isn't thinner but that has more RAM and better features overall. I’m not sure why Apple is … Continue reading

Using Amazon Native Shopping Ads

This is what the ads look like for a product post, which is the only place they should show up. Courtesy of Amazon. You’ll notice that on some of the pages on this blog, ads by Amazon will start appearing. Yep, I’m adding ads to this blog. I don’t imagine there will be much in the way of … Continue reading