Newborn Feeding Chart – Mark 3

The feeding chart, updated again. I’ve updated the feeding chart again, but I’m not entirely happy with it at the moment. I’ve made it so you can represent a lot of information about the feeds per day in a small area, and list 18 of them each day, with the ability to specify one or […]

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Newborn Feeding Chart – Mark 2

The second version of the feeding chart. We found the first version of the feeding chart too limiting. We weren’t able to easily see how things were progressing daily, and trying to keep track of “outputs” was difficult to do, both from writing them down and from also counting. I changed the chart to better […]

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Newborn Feeding Chart – Mark 1

A picture of the feeding chart. With the arrival of Maxwell, we’ve been attempting to keep track of his feedings. This involves keeping track of the start and end times of his feeds, the type of feeds, and his, shall we say, “outputs”. We’ve been doing mixed-feeding (breast and formula) which we plan to charge […]

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Welcome Maxwell!

Welcome to the world young Master Maxwell! My beautiful & amazing wife with our son! After five days at St. Thomas’ Hospital across from Parliament/QE Tower/Big Ben (that’s a post in itself) young Master Maxwell is home with us. He’s been home now for a few days, but obviously with a newborn it’s a bit […]

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