That Was Some Storm Last Night!

We had a storm here last night - some fairly high winds (up to 80mph/128kph) and it did a fair amount of damage.  The Starbucks I'm in is packed with people attempting to get caffeine (as usual) but moreso to recharge their devices.   (A lot of people have bought small drinks and then headed … Continue reading

Inflation Is Robbing Us All

I had a conversation with my father over salary when he last visited a couple of weeks ago, and we were comparing his highest salary with my current one.  As he was laid off in 1986 and never made more money at his subsequent jobs than in that year, his highest salary occurred in that year, … Continue reading

I’m 10% Viking And Have a New 4th Cousin!

As part of becoming a family historian, I signed up for the trial of's DNA Analysis for ancestry research.  As one of the first people to have access to the DNA analysis, I recently received my results.  It was no surprise to find out that approximately 70% of my … Continue reading