Welcome! (T-19 Days)

This is my first post… as I’m moving to London in 19 days, I thought it might be fun to create a daily blog for my adventures here.  I’m over now to get prepared for the move in two weeks, so it’s a perfect day to start!

I’m thinking I might theme this as the “Adventures of An Anglo-American Agorist in London” for the alliteration as well as the specificity.  We’ll have to see.


I landed at Heathrow this morning and took the Picadilly line ALL the way from LHR to Kings Cross / St. Pancras.  From there I transferred to the Victoria Line to Highbury / Islington and then to the Overground to Hackney Central, to the AirBnB rental at which I’m staying.  It took a LONG time to get here, and I’ll definitely be looking into the London Express for the return trip.  My hostess is very nice, having given me a cup of tea first thing – as that’s exactly what I needed!  I also grabbed a shower which was nice after the long flight.


I’m going to be exploring some of London today… I’m not sure which parts yet, but I think I’ll head to Canary Wharf where I will hopefully be living!  I’ve also got to get a new mobile, which I’m hoping will be the Galaxy Note II.  (For some reason my Galaxy Note I didn’t connect to O2 until I actually got here and got on Wifi, but I’m hoping to get a London-specific phone today anyway.)

I’m off!