Very Successful Day!


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Today has been rather a successful day. I got everything done on my “To Do” list, as well as some things that were not!

Here’s what the list looks like now that it’s done!

✓        open mail & process
✓        2nd work post
✓ post
✓        set up switches in office
✓        write to accountant
✓        call brother
✓        call parents
✓        download & install amazon cloud player
✓        test Whitehat Security’s Aviator browser
✓        call friend in Norway & other in Netherlands
✓        update family on medical condition
✓        follow up w/Dr. friend in US
✓        follow up on Linked In items
✓        order groceries
✓        order a new kettle
✓        print & post receipts

In addition to all that (and this serves as the completion of the third item!) I also started the process of moving my hosting company domains and sites out of the United States to EuroVPS. I’ve been meaning to do that for some time. Today I got the process rolling by purchasing the services and starting the transition! Thankfully the folks at EuroVPS will do the actual move for me – that and the fantastic reviews they get online are the reasons I chose them!

I’m also going to be working on a couple of projects, and I should have an April wrap-up post tomorrow.