Using Amazon Native Shopping Ads


This is what the ads look like for a product post, which is the only place they should show up. Courtesy of Amazon.

You’ll notice that on some of the pages on this blog, ads by Amazon will start appearing. Yep, I’m adding ads to this blog. I don’t imagine there will be much in the way of inconvenience for anyone (because I highly doubt I have a large and/or loyal readership) but for those of you that do stumble across this blog, you’ll see some ads.

The ads are from Amazon (I’m looking into possibly adding others, but may not get around to that) and should only appear for product-type posts. You can see what they look like above for my Bose QC20 headphones post (which I made some time before adding ads to the blog) so they won’t show up for every post and might not even show up consistently. (Amazon only places ads when they thing it will be worthwhile for the reader, which is one of the reasons I chose to add these particular ads.) For those curious, it’s the “Amazon Native Shopping” ads and I’m using the “Ad Inserter” plugin with WordPress, which is quite easy to use. That makes the process easy for me, and hopefully beneficial for you as well.

Don’t want to see ads? Feel free to use an ad-blocker. I’m cool with that. 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to attempt some small modicum of income, on my way to the glorious agorist future.