Trying A New VA Service –


Last week I tried “” as a VA service, to try and outsource some of the things in my life.  That did not go well, with them taking almost two days to complete what should have been a fifteen minute task.  This week, I’m trying “”.  (I’m not sure what’s up with the (“”) paradigm.)   Already, their sign-up process is more “mature” – I’ve had to put in a phone verification code on the website and sign and fax back a form.  It should take them a couple of hours to get back to me, but I get a main contact person (Graduate Assistant) who works with a team.  (The plan seems to be that the team works on things when the main person isn’t working, to guarantee 24×7 coverage.)  It seems more professional, and I’ll give them the same task I gave, and we’ll see how it goes.