Trends in #CyberSecurity for 2014 #bitcoin #litecoin #botcloud #deepweb #malware #bigdata


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I gave a talk at the Info Crime Summit in London yesterday, and identified what I think will be six trends in cybersecurity. I won’t provide the details here – I plan to outline those on my company’s blog – but I will provide a link to those posts on twitter. (You can follow me as @thomas_quinlan.)

The six trends I outlined for 2014 are:

  1. Botclouds, not Botnets
  2. Cryptocurrency Surprise
  3. Wearable Malware
  4. Deep Web Starts to Surface
  5. 3rd Party Security Requirements Increase
  6. Big Data Becomes Huge Data

A lot can be inferred from the bullet points themselves and I’ll provide updates on Twitter when I’ve updated the company blog with the descriptions of each.