Time Zones and Jet-Lag!


Picture from onlineclock.net.

Technically, I’ve missed blogging today if we go by the timezone in which I’m usually writing, but here in the Pacific Time Zone, I’ve got another six hours! Of course, since I’m absolutely jet-lagged (and actually feeling slightly feverish) this won’t be much of a post. I had hoped that by coming into California a day early after sleeping on the plane and rapidly adopting the schedule here I might off-set some of the jet lag (and I did to a limited extent yesterday), but it seems to have all caught up today.

Interestingly, when looking for an image for this post, I came across this page:


from the online alarm clock site I use. It looks like they have some useful tips!

Tomorrow will be a challenge as there’s an entire day of training plus a dinner in the evening. I suspect that after I get tonight’s dinner I’ll be calling it an early night. If anyone has any additional tips to help with jet-lag it would be appreciated!