Anatomy of Cryptophishing – Hydro Project

Cross-posted to “” and “BecomeACyberSecurity.Expert” Logo is stolen from the real Hydro Protocol folks. I get some interesting emails, and in particular, some interesting phishing emails. Most of them are quite poor, and fairly easy to spot, and the people constructing them don’t go through a lot of effort. I received one today that was […]

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My Visit to Today @joonian @coindesk @blockchain #bitcoin #lovelondon #agorism #gloriousagoristfuture

Picture of the storefront, taken by me 20140221. I read about at, in this article. I posted about wanting to visit the store myself. I had originally planned to do so tomorrow (Saturday) but as I was walking my wife to the bus stop for her meeting anyway, I decided I’d go […]

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