Heading Back to London!

Picture from fotki.com. I’m sitting not far from where the gent in the picture is sitting. While I have any number of improvements that I can suggest to people (and as @british_airways knows, I’m not shy about telling them), overall I do like the service that I get on British Airways. I’m sitting in the […]

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Off to Sunyvale!

Picture from wikipedia.org. Tomorrow morning I’ll take an eleven hour flight from London Heathrow Airport to San Francisco, and then drive to Sunnyvale. I’ve got a training to attend out there. It’s not my first time in either San Fran or Sunnyvale, and while I’m looking forward to the training I’m not looking forward to […]

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My Visit to Azte.co Today @joonian @coindesk @blockchain #bitcoin #lovelondon #agorism #gloriousagoristfuture

Picture of the Azte.co storefront, taken by me 20140221. I read about Azte.co at coindesk.com, in this article. I posted about wanting to visit the store myself. I had originally planned to do so tomorrow (Saturday) but as I was walking my wife to the bus stop for her meeting anyway, I decided I’d go […]

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New Bitcoin Shop Right Here in London! #bitcoin #lovelondon #agorism (h/t @joonian @coindesk)

Screenshot of azte.co logo from their website. There’s a place to by buy Bitcoins directly for cash in London. I’m intrigued – I was wondering when something like this would pop up. Of course I have several questions surrounding this. The first one is when I can actually visit – there don’t seem to be […]

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Augustine

Picture of one of the lovely decorations my wife did for our wedding. It never ceases to amaze me that most Americans don’t own a passport, and few travel. (The link includes some excellent reasoning on why that happens.) Since I’ve now lived outside the US as well as travelled extensively (and likely will continue […]

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Ice Sculpting @yourcanarywharf

I went out to Marks & Spencers Simply Food this evening to grab some groceries on a quick run, and walking through the Jubilee Mall in Canary Wharf I came across the London Ice Sculpting Festival. They set up every year at this time, and I had seen the signs they’d be here but forgotten […]

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On Meeting Joss Whedon

I met Joss Whedon on Thursday night! I was at Gaucho near Picadilly Circus, and coming out of the men’s room someone came out behind me. I obviously didn’t pay too much attention at first because it was a men’s room situation, but then I kinda turned around. I thought to myself “Hey, that guy […]

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