Google Pixel XL (128GB) Review

I own a Google Pixel XL in Very Black with 128GB onboard storage. I have had a Samsung Galaxy Note since the first one. I still have my Galaxy Note 4. (Actually, I have two of them! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go any further with the Note series for two big reasons. Samsung in their <sarcasm>infinite […]

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“Critic” Is My Least Favourite Job Title @auerbachkeller @stephen_wolfram @wolframresearch #computerscience

Screenshot from I usually plan for my posts, but then I’ll end up reading something which will drive me a little nuts. As I’m not feeling particularly well, I’ll plan to keep this post short (and fail, it seems), but I’m referring to this article by David Auerbach, entitled “Language Barriers”. At, he […]

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Android Platform Getting More and More Risky @falkvinge @gappsupdates @airbnb @mxdataapps #nsa #gchq #angrybirds #permissions #snowden #gnu #copyleft

It’s no longer news that the NSA and GCHQ are using ‘leaky apps’ such as Angry Birds to gain access to people’s data on their mobiles. That I can write that with conviction and that it is considered the ‘new normal’ is disturbing enough in itself. Additionally, there are more and more malware attacks on […]

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#DeepWeb Lesson Number Three: DuckDuckGo @duckduckgo @yegg @duckduckhack #agorism

Once you’re on the Deep Web, participating in the glorious agorist future (or just doing your own thing), it’s important that you do everything you can to avoid leaving tell-tale pieces of information about yourself all over the web. What good is it to obfuscate your connection and traffic if you then tell everyone who […]

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Is the Glorious Agorist Future Peer-to-Peer? #P2P #PeertoPeer #Peer2Peer #DarkWeb #Agorism #Agorist #gloriousagoristfuture @rosenblumtv

Picture from As an agorist (spell-check changed that to “amorist” originally, but I’m going to leave that one alone) it seems to me that things will eventually move from the centralised model of interaction to the more localised model. Having a 500+ person centralised government in a country of millions makes no sense when […]

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