On Experts (Long Post)

There’s been quite a bit made lately of the fact that Michael Gove has said that that “British people are sick of experts”. Of course, the reaction has been swift and ruthless, and as always, extended to the point of absurdity. (I’ve always found it interesting that people who attempt to point out what they […]

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Why I Voted for #Brexit #Leave #Out – And Why I’ll Never Regret My Vote (Long Post)

The front page of the Daily Mail 25 June 2016. The paragraph in the image above reads: “It was the day the quiet people of Britain rose up against an arrogant, out-of-touch political class and a contemptuous Brussels elite. Read the Mail’s incomparable writers of the most tumultuous event of our times” That first sentence […]

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On Animal Spirits

Here’s the thing with Keynesian economics: animal spirits, like regular animals, sometimes come back to bite you. Keynes chose to believe that humans worked based on “a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and not as the outcome of a weighted average of quantitative benefits multiplied by quantitative probabilities”, which he called “animal spirits”. […]

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