On @apple’s Lack of Improvement

It seems I’m not the only one disappointed with the lack of improvements in the new Macbook Pros. Scanning Linked In and other social media sites shows I’m not the only one who would prefer a laptop that isn’t thinner but that has more RAM and better features overall. I’m not sure why Apple is […]

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My Visit to Azte.co Today @joonian @coindesk @blockchain #bitcoin #lovelondon #agorism #gloriousagoristfuture

Picture of the Azte.co storefront, taken by me 20140221. I read about Azte.co at coindesk.com, in this article. I posted about wanting to visit the store myself. I had originally planned to do so tomorrow (Saturday) but as I was walking my wife to the bus stop for her meeting anyway, I decided I’d go […]

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