Google Pixel XL (128GB) Review

I own a Google Pixel XL in Very Black with 128GB onboard storage. I have had a Samsung Galaxy Note since the first one. I still have my Galaxy Note 4. (Actually, I have two of them! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go any further with the Note series for two big reasons. Samsung in their <sarcasm>infinite […]

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More on Poor UX

I’m going to ignore the fact that FourSquare split in two, which at the time I called its “Qwixster” move. It was a terrible decision then, and it’s still a terrible decision. Since I only used FourSquare as a place where I would keep track of where I’d been, when I could no longer use […]

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Android Platform Getting More and More Risky @falkvinge @gappsupdates @airbnb @mxdataapps #nsa #gchq #angrybirds #permissions #snowden #gnu #copyleft

It’s no longer news that the NSA and GCHQ are using ‘leaky apps’ such as Angry Birds to gain access to people’s data on their mobiles. That I can write that with conviction and that it is considered the ‘new normal’ is disturbing enough in itself. Additionally, there are more and more malware attacks on […]

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