T+1 Days! Also, Skyfall: Spoiler-Free Review (It’s Excellent!)


I’ve made it to my new flat here in Canary Wharf.  Hurricane Sandy did delay me a bit, but it actually worked out that the extra day allowed me to fly directly from Dulles (IAD) rather than having to take Amtrak to Philadelphia (PHL), and then fly to Newark (EWR) and then to Heathrow (LHR).  I got into the flat this morning, met with the landlord, and have everything all set.

I did some exploring of the area, and I’ve found the express grocery and the Starbucks, so I’ve got those covered.  I also know where the regular grocery and home goods store are so I’ll have to visit those at some point.  Tomorrow I have to get a bank account and a mobile but then I should be all set – after that I just have to wait the month to six weeks that it’ll take the rest of my things to arrive.

I went to the movies this evening, and saw “Skyfall”, the newest James Bond movie.  It’s an amazing film, and is very well done from multiple perspectives – story/plot, cinematography, relevance, and has a “what’s old is new again” twist to it that is particularly poignant in my experience lately.  I won’t get into the details, except to say that as an action flick, as a pro-British flick, and as a James Bond flick, it works and is a great two and a half hours.  It was a great reinforcement of my decision to come here, should I have needed a well-timed British movie to reinforce my decision.  😉