Resolutions for 2014


As I’ve already looked back on 2013, today is appropriate for looking forward to 2014. I had 26 goals for 2013, and of those 26, I accomplished 12 in full and 2 partially. That means that i didn’t accomplish 12, making me only about half as productive as I wanted to be for the year.

To that end, I’m going to try to be more productive this year, and set the following goals, with the italicised ones being holdovers from 2012:

  • Complete 100 lessons of Spanish (30)
  • Complete 100 lessons of French
  • Research on converting old video tapes to digital format
    • Convert said tapes to digital format
  • Read 1 book per week (18)
  • Post at least weekly to
  • Continue to practise piano as often as possible
  • Process travel and other videos
  • Self-publish the book I’m working on by 31 January 2014
  • Do a better job of making time to work on Hexy, perhaps including my new MicroPython board
  • Create solid third and fourth income streams outside my main job & existing real estate

There will be some other ones that I’ll add privately concerning specifics of financial goals and private family ones, but these are public and hopefully that will make me more accountable! (That means that I expect the few of you that actually read this to check with me as the year goes by!)