On the Ill Health of Hillary

Dr. Drew Pinsky has come out as gravely concerned for Hillary’s health care. There’s a Youtube video of the conversation he’s had; some website has also taken down a page where he put up the supposition originally. I mentioned this on Google Plus, and from a Hillary apologist I got the standard response that any doctor performing a remote diagnosis should be ashamed of themselves. I thought my response to that would make an interesting blog post.


She is entirely unfit to hold office. That’s not just because of her medical care; she is an outright liar and crook.

I was waiting for the pat answer, thank you.

He didn’t perform a diagnosis, but mentioned that were he to do so, he would have concerns. He mentioned that her standard of care based on publicly available information is archaic.

Take for instance, coumadin. It’s an anti-coagulant. It’s public information that she’s on it for life. What’s also public information is that it’s a very old drug, and one not very efficacious. He said that she would be unlikely to get coumadin were her medical care up to snuff.

He’s actually wrong on that; certain anti-coagulants are better for some people than others. My Dad, for instance, is on coumadin (for life, like Hillary). They prescribed it for him because for whatever reason (that we still can’t get entirely clear) it’s better for him than the other more recent drugs. My guess, in both my Dad’s case and hers, is that coumadin is considered the “safer” drug for elderly patients (my Dad is 81).

The problem becomes as an anti-coagulant, coumadin has wildly varying effects, both on preventing coagulation, and also on the person to which it is administered. My Dad has to be tested quite often (sometimes weekly) to get the reading of the level of coumadin in his blood to make sure it’s not too much and not too little. He has to keep it between a narrow band – “2” and “5” (of what, no one knows) and anything below “2” or above “5” means trouble. The biggest problem with that is that there is no effective dosage that lands one in the right range – you have to vary the dosage based on the last test. So sometimes my Dad will have to take two pills; sometimes one and a half; sometimes less than one – sometimes some kind of combination of a part of a pill and a part of another pill. It’s almost impossible to get correct. It’s extremely difficult to remember.

In Hillary’s case, she doesn’t have to remember – there are people who do that for her. The problem, as Dr. Drew points out, is that this is not her only problem. She’s being treated for a thyroid condition as well. The medicine she’s using for that is apparently old as well. (I don’t know anything about that one.) However, what I do know is that in combination with coumadin, the effects could very well be worse; medicines, and being elderly (both candidates are senior citizens) makes the combinations particularly taxing, and leads to strange effects. I’ve seen random neurological glitches with my father on occasion, and he’s only taking the one drug for one condition (though he is admittedly older than she).

I myself have been on blood thinners – I was taking Clopidogrel for six months after I dissected my carotid artery. For me it was one pill daily at 3pm. As a newer medicine, I had no strange side effects (or at least if I did I didn’t know it and no one ever said anything). I didn’t need to take it for life (thankfully), but I have first-hand knowledge of the use of the newer drugs and second-hand knowledge of the use of the old one.

We don’t need to make remote diagnoses of her actual conditions, bizarre as they may appear to be; as Dr. Drew has said, what we know to be occurring with respect to her care with simply available public information is scary enough. She wore prism glasses for her testimony out in public; she wore them to treat double vision. She’s had double vision – she may not anymore, but she still had it. I’ve had a concussion before, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone as it’s not at all pleasant, but then neither did mine come with double vision. (I was much younger than she is, but then, that’s the point.) These are things that take a toll on a young person; they have really serious effects on an older person, especially when you’re in one of the most exhausting activities possible (campaigning) and trying to get the most stressful job ever. (Do you think that whatever stress turned Bush’s and Obama’s hair grey/white will be something she can handle? Honestly?)

The pictures of her being helped up stairs are old – but that means it’s something that’s been around for a while. Her freezing up in front of an audience kept purposely small and her aide helping her to get “unstuck” is a matter of public record video. Hillary’s side says the seizure video in front of reporters is a loop — even if that’s true there’s still something there to loop. Regardless of what the woman reacting to her says on Twitter, she (the reacting party) is taken aback visibly, and even if she wasn’t scared she still reacted to the strange glitch that Hillary made, to say nothing of her admitted “short-circuiting” of the truth with respect to *everything she does or says*.

She has no business running for office, let alone holding it.