On Meeting Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon

I met Joss Whedon on Thursday night!

I was at Gaucho near Picadilly Circus, and coming out of the men’s room someone came out behind me. I obviously didn’t pay too much attention at first because it was a men’s room situation, but then I kinda turned around. I thought to myself “Hey, that guy looks A LOT like Joss Whedon… wait… it looks TOO MUCH like Joss Whedon…”

Of course, then I looked at him full and said out loud, “Holy sh!t, Joss Whedon!”

He said “Hello…”

I said “Hi, Tom Quinlan! Wow!”

Then of course I got all fanboy.

I said “I saw the first ‘Agents of Shield’ but I’m not caught up on the rest yet.'”

He said “Don’t worry, they’ll be out there.”

…and then we parted ways.

I kept thinking I needed to find something to have him sign.

It NEVER occurred to me to use the camera on my watch or on my phone to get a picture! D’oh!  I also never thought to mention how big a fan I was of Buffy or Angel or Firefly or Dollhouse or The Avengers…

However, both my colleagues from Norway witnessed the event, so I do have ‘proof’. 😉