On Being Almost Bulletproof – An Update @bulletproofexec


Since reading Dave Asprey’s site on being bulletproof (and his blog), I have been attempting to get as close as possible to being bullet proof.  As Dave’s model is based on a more stringent version of the Paleo Diet, I’ve started with the Paleo Diet in an effort to eventually move into being bullet proof.  It’s not the ideal way to go, but knowing myself I’m more likely to be successful in moving in steps than if I just do a cutover.  (I have a notorious sweet tooth and I know from previous dietary changes that I have to change my habits incrementally.)

I’m fairly close to the end of the mostly-Paleo phase and am moving into the full-on bullet proof phase.  There are a couple of things I have to work on reducing – primarily dairy and refined sugar.  At the moment, I eat too much cheddar (I snack on about three pieces a day) and I also tend to eat ice cream for dessert.  (It is natural ice cream – just milk,sugar, cream, and vanilla – but it’s still not ideal, especially with the sugar.)  I tend to eat sweets on occasion, which is not the end of the world, but I’d like to work on cutting that out as well.  (I’ve made vast strides in that area already – as anyone who knew me when I was younger could tell you.)  

On the non-cut-back side, I also have to work on learning more about, and properly measuring, mycotoxins in food, but I tend to source things locally and eat a lot more vegetables than I used to, so I suspect that part will come as I conform more overall.  (I could still stand to eat more vegetables, but I’m getting there!)  I have also eliminated grains from my diet (with the occasional exception of rice) and this has made my digestive system a lot happier!

To cover all the bases, I’m going to examine the drawbacks and the bonuses.

The two main drawbacks are that food tends to be more expensive, and it requires more effort in preparation.  These are minimal drawbacks, for several reasons.  First, you can hack the cost of the bullet proof diet.  Second, if you shop at places like Trader Joe’s, you can get a lot of good food at reasonable prices.  As to preparation, while time is a limited quantity for everyone, you can find an increasing number of recipes online (as well as Dave’s new book “The Upgraded Chef” (referral link), and many of them take half an hour or less to prepare and can provide left overs that can be used for subsequent meals.  Additionally, if you have a partner/spouse/significant other who is supportive of your dietary choices, you can make the meals together and this is a great way to spend quality time, especially if you enjoy cooking and eating.

As to the bonuses – the first and biggest bonus is that I lost an inch off my waist without even trying.  I don’t really exercise all that much (I spend too much time sitting – something else I’m working on) but I’ve had to adjust my belt to use the third  notch instead of the second one, as I have gotten thinner around the middle.  (I suspect that with some good exercise, I’ll be well onto the fourth!)  The second is that bullet proof food is healthier and tastes so much better than artificial food!  This blows my mind.  Making chocolate pudding with avocado, almond butter, cocoa powder, and natural ingredients tastes infinitely better than the store-bought chocolate pudding that would get made with sugar and the natural pudding is high in healthy fats that your body burns for energy and uses to protect your brain.  Third, my skin is clearly more healthy, and the occasional acne has vanished entirely!  Fourth, my mental clarity has increased, so much so that I am getting a lot more done than I used to while I was not attempting to be bullet proof.  (Mycotoxin measurement and reduction should increase this.)  This can be augmented pharmaceutically as well, and that leads to an even greater increase in clarity and productivity!  Fifth, eating at restaurants is actually easier now – you’ll find that most restaurants (note – not fast food joints, but restaurants) will allow you to continue to eat healthy as they stock things like grass-fed beef and healthy chicken and fish as a matter of course, and getting vegetables on the side is really easy!

While I’m still not at 100% in terms of following all the prescriptions, I’m finding that as I do cut over, things are getting easier and my health (which was always pretty good) is getting better.  With the increased energy and productivity, I’m feeling more accomplished, and the two form a positive feedback loop.  It’s tough to argue with results like that!

(Image from gerrymarten.com.)