No Wifi? That’s Unpossible! @british_airways @twitter @wireduk


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This will be a short post, because it’s taken me about ten minutes just to download the picture above. I’m in the Dubai airport for my return to the UK, and the Wifi situation at the moment is deplorable. The BA lounge wifi hasn’t been working all day. The Wifi in the Dubai airport – “maxspot” – has been so slow that my phone won’t connect to it. My computer will, but downloading anything takes seemingly forever.

I had hoped to be able to get work done here in the airport (since I’ve been here for several hours and have several more to go) but I can’t reliably get my email.

The only respite has been that since Twitter is largely text based, that has been coming in (slowly) and giving me something to read. I could always read the Wired UK magazines I have in my bag, but that’s my plan for the flight!

(It’s taken me four five six seven eight tries to upload this post so far.)