Newborn Feeding Chart – Mark 2


The second version of the feeding chart.

We found the first version of the feeding chart too limiting. We weren’t able to easily see how things were progressing daily, and trying to keep track of “outputs” was difficult to do, both from writing them down and from also counting.

I changed the chart to better represent the ability to do mixed feeding (which we’ve stopped now, so there will be a third version of the chart that makes it generic enough that it won’t matter how you feed). Additionally, we are now using simple ticks for his wet (“U”) and dirty (“S”) nappies so that it’s not only easier to write but really easy to count at a glance to see how he’s doing as compared to the baseline for that particular age. (For instance, right now he should be at 6 and 2; this morning, I can already see he’s halfway there for the day just based on the simple hashmarks we’ve used.) We’re not worried if he doesn’t get it exactly, but were there to be a big variance that might be cause for concern, and now if that happens we’ll see it quickly.

Like I said, there will be a third version, which I hope to have up soon; it should make it more generic so that the type of feeding doesn’t matter. It will also help keep track of which (or both) breasts were fed on, and if not breastfed how the child was fed, again using an easy to keep track of and easy to see system.

The PDF for Mark 2 is below.