New Year’s Resolution Check

So far I’ve managed to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve had less success with putting the Four Hour Work Week principles into practise than I would have liked so far.  Personal outsourcing didn’t work out as I’d anticipated (largely as I had little need) and I’ve yet to fully develop a muse in the manner that the book suggests.  I’ve had some small success with my stock film muse, which brings me to resolution number two.

As for stock film production, I’ve actually done well with that.  I’ve gotten all my clips uploaded, and many of them are tagged.  I even made my first sale, and while the $5 won’t allow me to retire right away, it’s proof that it’s something worth continuing.  I’ve started taking my video camera on some small trips with me, and I film things that I think are interesting and that might sell.

I read two books in January, “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr, and “Sneaker Wars” by Barbara Smit.  The reviews of the books are on this site.  I’m already into the fourth chapter of February’s first book.

I’ve started learning Spanish as well.  I’ve set up a computer with Rosetta Stone, and I’ve gotten through the first two lessons of Spanish.  If you’re ever eating an apple or a horse runs by, I can tell you about it in Spanish now.

I’ve been running, too.  I went to the gym ten times since my resolutions went into effect on January 4th (2 times the first week, 3 times the following weeks, and 2 times the last week), and I burned 300 calories (not including any weight-lifting) each time.  That’s 3,000 extra calories I burned.  As of yesterday, I was able to extend my time running at a constant pace of 6.0 mph to 13 minutes.  My immediate goal is to get through the “5K Run” setting on the treadmill at Level 1, which is running at 6.0 mph for about 25 minutes.  (After that, I’ll progress through the various levels, which start to include inclines and declines and runs at faster speeds.)  I use that running as the aerobic exercise prior to using the weight equipment at the gym, and then walk on the treadmill afterwards.  I’ve changed my eating habits to focus mainly on protein and fruit/vegetables, so diet combined with exercise, weight training, and vitamins and supplements should get me in good shape.

I’ve also gotten through two chapters of “wxPython In Action”.  It’s only introductory material at the moment, but I’m doing each of the examples as they come up in the book to continue to get experience.

When you add all that to the fact that I work a full time job and I attend grad school part-time, I’ve had a busy month!  It was productive, though, and I’ve enjoyed it.  I hope to make February just as productive, and I’ll let you know at the beginning of next month.