New Year’s Resolution Check – February

So February was not the best month for me in terms of getting things done.  It wasn’t the worst month either, but I think I could have done better.

For my first New Year’s resolution (putting into practise the principles in the Four Hour Work Week) I’ve not done anything concrete.  I have an idea for a muse, I just have to get going on it.  Hopefully March will be better.

On my second resolution I fared better.  I’ve got over 100 clips up on  I managed to finally finish editing them all, and then I uploaded and tagged them as well.  I’ve still only got the one sale, but with the rest of the clips up there the potential for more is greater.  I also keep my video camera with me at all times, so I can create more when the opportunity presents itself.

My third resolution was to read two books a month.  For February, I read the first one in five days.  However, I’ve been slacking on the second and I’m still not done.  (The real irony is that technically I’m re-reading a book I read a few years ago.)  This is now affecting March, so I’m going to try and get it finished as soon as possible.

For my fourth resolution I decided to learn Spanish.  I did okay with this one – I got through the third lesson, and I’ve started to be able to construct basic sentences that I didn’t learn using the information I did learn.  There was progress, I would have just preferred to have gotten through the fourth lesson as well.

I went to the gym and run on my usual schedule (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for the first three weeks of February, but as I spent the final week of February in Florida I didn’t do any running that week.  I’ve started again here in March, though I took it slow today since I gave blood on Monday and I haven’t run in over a week.

I got two more chapters done in wxPython, so I also didn’t do too badly with that, but again, I’d have preferred to have done more.

I’ve been doing well in my grad school class, too, so I haven’t been a complete slacker!  I’ve also started March off very well, so hopefully I can keep up the trend.