New Bitcoin Shop Right Here in London! #bitcoin #lovelondon #agorism (h/t @joonian @coindesk)


Screenshot of logo from their website.

There’s a place to by buy Bitcoins directly for cash in London. I’m intrigued – I was wondering when something like this would pop up. Of course I have several questions surrounding this. The first one is when I can actually visit – there don’t seem to be any hours listed on their website. (Update: @joonian tells me Wednesday-Friday 12-18 & Saturday 12-17.) After that, I’ll have several additional questions:

1 – Is it the case (as is my presumption) that the conversion in the voucher will happen as of the time of the transaction?
2 – What records are kept (if any) of the transactions and what (if anything) is reported to the government?
3 – Is there concern that since London is the most surveilled city on the planet that the government will just compile a list of faces as they enter the store?
4 – What are the limits on transactions in either currency or Bitcoins?
5 – Will there be plans to take other currencies such as Litecoin?

Once I have answers I will post more!