London – The New Darling of Media #lovelondon


Screen captured from Thor: The Dark World (1:38:20)

Green circle shows Canary Wharf, and one of the buildings is where we live.

Since moving to London, it’s become very obvious that people are infatuated with London. It’s probably not as prevalent a thing in the US (though the US has its share of anglophiles), but here in London and in my travels in Europe, people are very positive towards London. It’s not without its faults of course, like any city, but it may well be an up & coming tech hub, and it also seems to be both a good background for films:


Future London in Star Trek Into Darkness.

and more and more movies are made here, such as the Harry Potter Films. Having recently been to Happy Potter World, I should have more on that in an upcoming post, so look out for that! In the meantime, we’re enjoying London and apparently a lot of the rest of the world is as well.