January Wrap-Up


Picture from calendarpedia.co.uk.

I’m going to write January’s wrap-up a day early because I’ll be out tomorrow for work during the day, and I don’t know how much time I’ll have. As it is I have just over an hour left in this day. 😉

I’ve blogged for thirty-one straight days. While I haven’t written every day, those days where I didn’t I had previously scheduled a post, so I was writing in advance, and not after the fact. According to the prevailing theory, in another thirty-five days this should become a real habit! (It’s already getting to be – I find myself anxious to an extent if I’ve forgotten to do it until late.)

This has been a productive January, but not as productive as it could have been. Some highlights from January:

  • Foreign Trips: 1 (Dubai)
  • Domestic (UK) Trips: 2
  • Books Read & Review: 7
  • Blog Posts: 31
  • Words written so far this year (blog & book): Approximately 12,000

With respect to my New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Completed 1 lesson of Spanish (starting again)
  • Completed 0 lessons of French (may change this to Mandarin, not sure yet)
  • I’ve not done any research on tape conversions
  • I’ve read more than one book per week
  • I’ve been practising the piano, but I need to branch out on the songs I play
  • I processed my Hexy video but none of the travel video yet
  • I’m not going to get the book done by the end of this month – it’s going to take longer than I thought
  • I am going to make another Hexy video showing how to operate him
  • I have yet to create a 3rd income stream, and therefore not a 4th either
  • (I have come up with ideas, but they were already taken)

Now you can see why it wasn’t as productive a January as I’d have liked! I’ll have to do more in February.