I Missed Blogging Yesterday!


Picture from imagechef.com.

No matter what timezone I use as my frame of reference, I missed blogging yesterday. I have felt under the weather (I’m fighting a cold) and so I went to bed at 4pm PST to try to get back to the normal schedule. However, I slept for 15 hours and only just woke up!

The good news is that I’m feeling a little better (though not entirely) so it’s obvious that I needed the sleep. It looks as though both the alarms I set (one on my computer, the other on my phone) failed, although I might have reset the one on my phone because my entire phone was reset. It’s difficult to tell. Either way, I made it to 67 blog posts in a row before something caused me to miss one!

Of course, this makes me think there’s a market for a WordPress Plugin that will auto-post something if it’s been 23 hours since there has been a post! Hhhhmmmm…. 😉