Picture from macharianthunderguard.blogspot.com.

So I made it to sixty-six straight days of posting on my blog (in an effort to do more writing, and to get better at it), and at that point, I got sick. I slept for 15 hours straight one day, and that killed my streak! Of course, since then, I’ve been slacking quite a bit. While I shouldn’t have any excuses, life – or more accurately work – has gotten in the way! I’m going to try to resume having missed five of the last ten days. Here’s to hoping that the newly developed habit does indeed stick!

The good thing is that using Mac Journal I can immediately see the statistics on what I’m doing and not doing, and it’s good information for continued self-improvement. I don’t know if I should consider a writing habit part of my biohacking regimen, but insofar as I’m trying to train my brain I think I will! (This goes hand-in-hand with the regular effort I’m making to exercise my brain with Lumosity.com.)