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Along the lines of my post yesterday, I’ve come across two examples of additional technology that I think are very cool. One is hardware, and the other is software.

The first is a project for “Your Personal Flying Robot”, otherwise known as a pocket drone. I’ve linked to the page directly, but what makes this very cool is that it is strong yet lightweight, and more amazingly, folds up to be small enough to literally put it in your pocket. It has a camera, and can follow you (providing you’ve enabled that with your phone) and while the battery life leaves something to be desired (at only 20 minutes) it’s an amazing project.

The second is the Wolfram Language. has a good story on Stephen Wolfram’s release of the first demo of the language. The demo video by Wolfram is about12 minutes long, and it’s fairly amazing stuff. I’ve seen some of it before as I have a copy of Mathematic and System Modeler from school (and I’ve got a Wolfram Alpha Pro subscription) but it looks like it’s going to make a difference in how people programme. When you add the Wolfram Connected Devices repository, it looks like Stephen Wolfram may just single-handedly usher in the Singularity.

Given that the drone is hackable, I wonder how long it will be before someone gets it running with the Wolfram Language, as is already done on the Raspberry Pi! Imagine being able to control a pocket drone with a programmable control stack that you’ve deployed to the cloud and can use from anywhere!