Final Hexy Build Video! @arcbotics

My Hexy from Arcbotics has been built for a while now, but I only recently got around to finally editing the video together. (The video editing has been on my Wunderlist for a while now, but I can finally tick it done!) The video details the full build process after the legs, and if you follow along with my other videos on the Hexy, you can see the process from unboxing to complete build.

Since the build completion, I actually ran into an issue where one of the servos in Hexy’s front left leg wasn’t working properly, and the people at Arcbotics were kind enough to send me a new servo. After the repair Hexy was as good as new!

I hope to be able to detail the use of the software to control Hexy to show how that works in another video, but I’m not sure when that will happen. I’d also like to get Bluetooth working and so that will be another project which I’ll hopefully also film so that people can follow along with that as well. Bluetooth connectivity means that I should be able to control Hexy from my Galaxy Note 3! As it’s got to be tethered via USB to my Mac laptop, the range is not nearly as much as I’d like.