Father of Computer Science, Alan Turing, to Get Institute in England


Picture taken from the wired.co.uk article.

The father of Computer Science, Alan Turing, is to get an Institute named after him in England. Recently posthumously pardoned for his “crime” of “indecency” (what they called homosexuality back in the day), he is finally seeing the tribute that he deserves. Not only did he come up with most of modern computing and the hypothetical computer model that bears his name, he was a hero in the war effort and saved what must be countless lives. Like a few prominent scientists who were misunderstood (ahem, Tesla) it’s taken a while for the world to catch up to his genius, but it’s good to see that they finally are. Now instead of just reversing wrongs, I think we ought to start actually posthumously rewarding his rights. This Institute will be a good step.