Did My Good Deed For Today


As I was driving back from DC this morning, I came around a bend on 66 and found this scene in the right lane.  I had noticed cars slowing down and a cloud of smoke, but only one other person stopped.  His name was Rory, and he was a lawyer and a paramedic-in-training.  (His car is the other on the shoulder – mine was in front of his.)  Thankfully, the girl in the totalled car was unhurt, though obviously upset.  (She didn't really have a reason for the accident – I suspect she was texting, or fell asleep.)  She had swerved right, and over-correct to the left – her car went headfirst into the left guardrail, and her bumper tore off and stayed there while the rest of the car rebounded into the right lane.

She called her parents first, so I called 911.  I spoke to the dispatcher and gave her details, and then got transferred to the State Police, for whom I repeated the details.  (My phone then went into emergency call-back standby mode, which was indicated by a red notification bar across the top.)  Since this is the second time I've been on scene at an accident, I knew to give the street name (66), the direction (westbound), and the mile marker (69).  I had to go to the back of the car to get the woman's plate number, and also reported to the cops that she was alert, walking, and on the phone with her parents, and seemed to be unhurt, but that the airbags had deployed.  (I left an actual diagnosis of her condition to Rory, as he obviously had the better skillset in that regard.)

Luckily, she crashed near a construction zone, so I was able to take some of those big orange column-cones and block off the right lane about 1/10th of a mile up the road from where she crashed.  (People were obviously driving slowly so I wasn't in any danger.)  There were parts of her car strewn all over the road, so Rory attempted to clear the big pieces off the left lane.

The cops arrived after about fifteen minutes.  I gave them a written statement (as did Rory), and they ensured that the girl was fine.  The fire department arrived (they take care of the potentially hazardous liquids spilling from the car), and after the cop took our statements she closed off the left lane to allow Rory and I to leave.

Thankfully, no one was hurt!  The young woman was very lucky, and I've had enough excitement for one day!