Dear Apple – You May Be The New Sony


Dear Apple,

It’s so very difficult to continue to espouse your products.  First, there’s the fanboys who cultishly purchase your products without analysing their technical merits (who give those of us that do get them based on technical merit a bad name).  Then there’s the hoardes of lawyers you employ whose full time jobs seem to involve doing nothing but suing Samsung whether those suits have merit or not.  (Most judges seem to think the latter so far.)  Then there’s the proprietary nature of your products, and that is getting rather annoying.  In that respect you’re turning into Sony, and look where they ended up!

I forgot my Macbook Pro power adapter on vacation.  I decided to go to the mall in Tampa (an hour’s drive from here) to get one for this week, figuring that I’d keep one at work and one at home once I took it back with me.  I went all the way to the Apple Store (which is the only place to get them!) and then all the way home to find out that it’s not the right one!  Even though it says on the box that it’s compatible with the 15″ Macbook Pro, it’s a Magsafe 2 adapter.  The worst part of the Magsafe 2 adapter is that the power connector is the right kind but you just changed the shape so that it doesn’t fit.  This is ridiculous.  The power connection is exactly correct but because the shape is slightly wider than the connection on my Macbook, it just will not fit!  So now I have to return this one and get a new one, which is another two hour round-trip.  This proprietary nonsense is exactly what cost Sony its crown in the tech world, and it looks like Samsung just may have another customer on their hands in the future.