Off to Dubai! with @british_airways

Picture from I’m off to Dubai today, and enjoying (for the first time) my Silver status with British Airways. I’m writing this from the BA Lounge at Heathrow. Dubai had only one skyscraper in 1990. Now they have more than 900! It’s amazing what can happen in twenty years. This is my second trip […]

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Off to Oldham!

I’ve never been to Oldham (here in the UK) before, but I’m heading there for work today. It’s about 20 minutes from Manchester, which means I have about two and a half hours of journey in each direction (five hours total) for five hours worth of work. It will be a long day! Here’s to […]

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T-18 Days

So today was a busy day! I spent the day exploring what I could of London in the time I had. I woke up at around 0900 and then got out and about starting at about 1000. I took the 55 bus line from Hackney to Oxford Circus, and it was my first real…

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Welcome! (T-19 Days)

This is my first post… as I’m moving to London in 19 days, I thought it might be fun to create a daily blog for my adventures here. I’m over now to get prepared for the move in two weeks, so it’s a perfect day to start! I’m thinking I might them…

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