Google Pixel XL (128GB) Review

I own a Google Pixel XL in Very Black with 128GB onboard storage. I have had a Samsung Galaxy Note since the first one. I still have my Galaxy Note 4. (Actually, I have two of them! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go any further with the Note series for two big reasons. Samsung in their … Continue reading

Why I Switched Back to Gmail from Inbox

Yeah, not so much. When Google made Inbox available to everyone, I jumped at the chance to use it. I had put in for an invite, but never gotten one. (This was all the stranger when I had also applied on my wife’s behalf, and she had gotten one though we applied at the same time.) Inbox was … Continue reading

This Picture Is Fascinating @taskrabbit

The TaskRabbit homepage when I logged in this morning. Larger image here. In high school, we had a film teacher named “Mr. Luce”. He was one of the people who best showed us how to use critical thinking. He would show us how when watching something that our brain tends to switch off, and … Continue reading