Movie Review: The Hunger Games

Picture from Having read all the Hunger Games books, I decided I would watch the first of the movies. It was actually very well done, which was surprising. Typically, movies adapted from books tend to be quite poorly done, because the books often contain a depth of information … Continue reading

Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is the second standalone Thor movie, and a continuance in the Marvel Universe of movies. Unlike Iron Man in Iron Man 3 (which was terrible) Thor does not suffer from the inability to stand on his own. A post-Avengers Iron Man movie has everyone wondering why Iron Man … Continue reading

Movie Review: Pain & Gain

Director Michael Bay is known for his explosion movies, and most people will know “The Transformers” series as the signature franchise in that ‘genre’. He’s done other movies (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, etc.) that were equally high on special effects and not always so big on story … Continue reading

Movie Review: Disney Pixar’s “Planes”

When stuck on a plane, you’ll watch things that you’d probably never watch otherwise. “Planes” falls into that category for me. Pixar has/had a reputation for producing really great movies - for instance, “The Incredibles” - but it seems with their acquisition by Disney that the … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Fifth Estate

I watched this on the plane yesterday, and I’m very glad I didn’t watch it on a bigger screen. I’m also very glad that I didn’t spend any money to see it. I was very tempted to make this a two-word review: “Don’t bother.” Julian Assange himself said the film would fail - he was … Continue reading