The Despicable Alternative

Meme by me. Among the “intelligent left”, it is said that it is “better to elect a corrupt politician than a madman”, referring obviously to their preference of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. While I don’t think that Donald Trump should be president, the problem with the supposition that he is a madman, is that […]

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Travel Statistics #travel #success

The statistics that knows about. I’ve only been using +TripIt since 2008, but these stats are really interesting. First, I’ve traveled an entire year of my life. That’s 1 of 41. Sure, a small percentage, but still an interesting thing. I’ve already spent more than 10% of this year traveling, and still have at […]

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On the Ill Health of Hillary

Dr. Drew Pinsky has come out as gravely concerned for Hillary’s health care. There’s a Youtube video of the conversation he’s had; some website has also taken down a page where he put up the supposition originally. I mentioned this on Google Plus, and from a Hillary apologist I got the standard response that any […]

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On Experts (Long Post)

There’s been quite a bit made lately of the fact that Michael Gove has said that that “British people are sick of experts”. Of course, the reaction has been swift and ruthless, and as always, extended to the point of absurdity. (I’ve always found it interesting that people who attempt to point out what they […]

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Why I Voted for #Brexit #Leave #Out – And Why I’ll Never Regret My Vote (Long Post)

The front page of the Daily Mail 25 June 2016. The paragraph in the image above reads: “It was the day the quiet people of Britain rose up against an arrogant, out-of-touch political class and a contemptuous Brussels elite. Read the Mail’s incomparable writers of the most tumultuous event of our times” That first sentence […]

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Malware via Email

I can tell just by looking what kind of malware this is likely to be. I imagine that many people don’t look forward to getting malware on their machines, but I do. It’s great – as a person who fights this sort of thing on a regular basis, the “enemy” is kind enough to regularly […]

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