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Yes, That’s Me and Ron Paul

As mentioned in my previous post, I had dinner with Ron Paul (and several dozen other supporters), but prior to that, had my picture taken with him. Other than the camera-red-eye for me, I think this came out quite well.


Debunking Robert Reich’s Debunking of Six Lies

I’ve been given the charge (on Facebook no less) to counter the points made by Robert Reich in this video: The six lies (according to Reich) are: 1) Tax cuts to the rich and corporations trickle down to the rest of us. (No it doesn’t and it never …


Why Capitalism Isn’t To Blame For Unemployment

Over at AlterNet (now also reprinted at Mother Jones), there is an article which states in the title, that Massive Unemployment is Proof that Global Capitalism doesn’t work. To summarise, the authors paint a picture of a time when people could sub…