New Bitcoin Shop Right Here in London! #bitcoin #lovelondon #agorism (h/t @joonian @coindesk)

Screenshot of logo from their website. There’s a place to by buy Bitcoins directly for cash in London. I’m intrigued – I was wondering when something like this would pop up. Of course I have several questions surrounding this. The first one is when I can actually visit – there don’t seem to be […]

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Are Banks Safe? (Continued) Will politicians steal your pension right out of your bank? #agorism #gloriousagoristfuture

Picture from accompanying article. I hadn’t really planned on doing a long series on bank safety before suggesting alternatives to today’s banking, but it seems that banks and politicians are trying to make it easier to show how unsafe banks are becoming these days. It’s been seen in Cyrpus that people have had their […]

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#DeepWeb Lesson Number Four: Cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #litecoin #agorism #gloriousagoristfuture @coindesk @localbitcoins

What is a cryptocurrency? Why should you care? Let’s start by looking at the word in parts. The second part, currency, means a medium of exchange. (It’s important to note that we’re not talking about money here, but currency. Only two things are money – gold and silver. Everything else is currency.) The first part, […]

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Where #Bitcoin Really Has The Ability to Change Markets $NFLX

Picture from There’s an interesting article at discussing the concept of Netflix changing its revenue model using Bitcoins. While short, the article is profound. They show how Netflix could (if they chose) change from a solely subscription-based service to one that uses micro-payments with Bitcoin to charge on a pay-per-view model instead of, […]

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Are Banks Safe?

Picture from There’s a Harvard economist who is pulling about a million dollars out of Bank of America. HSBC has only withdrawn their restriction on large cash withdrawals due to significant customer complaints. The Japanese government is raiding dormant bank accounts. Then there’s nothing like the too-big-to-fail “Great Recession” (which is really the 2nd […]

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A Real Problem with #Bitcoin: #Spam #BitcoinSpam @gavinandresen @pwuille @jgarzik #Satoshi #BTC

A picture of the email I received showing me the failed transaction. I’ve been receiving a lot of Satoshis lately. Satoshis, being the smallest divisible unit of a bitcoin (so far), are therefore currency, even if they’re really small. One would think that receiving money, no matter how small, would be a good thing. However, […]

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Is the Glorious Agorist Future Peer-to-Peer? #P2P #PeertoPeer #Peer2Peer #DarkWeb #Agorism #Agorist #gloriousagoristfuture @rosenblumtv

Picture from As an agorist (spell-check changed that to “amorist” originally, but I’m going to leave that one alone) it seems to me that things will eventually move from the centralised model of interaction to the more localised model. Having a 500+ person centralised government in a country of millions makes no sense when […]

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Universal Basic Income

There’s an article on Medium that talks about the Economics of Star Trek. (I will warn you though that if you’re not really all that familiar with Star Trek that some of the analogies will be lost on you, but the economic discussion is still very interesting.) It mirrors a lot of my own thoughts […]

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