Building Systems

INTJs build systems from an early age. Witness me at two, having built a two building ‘city’ complete with public transportation:


One of the most interesting things about The Four Hour Work Week is that Tim Ferriss doesn’t suggest doing a lot less work or getting rid of work (as some people seem to think) – rather he suggests finding ways to automate income – essentially – building systems to do work for you. (This can be as simple as outsourcing, or as complex as creating a new largely automated business.) I also read how writing 1000 words a day changed the life of Srinivaos Rao. What do the two have in common? They’re about systems – not about setting goals as such. This is not a new concept for me – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki have been saying that if you want to purchase a large ticket item (i.e., a true liability), you should be coming up with a system of cash-flow first to provide you with the income that allows you to then purchase it with money generated from an asset (i.e., something that puts income in your pocket). (This is the Rich Dad #1 Rule for Getting Rich.) Now that I’ve got goals, it’s time to start putting systems into place. (This piece on also helped reinforce the idea, and led to this post.)

The following are what I’m starting with:


  • Using Wunderlist to keep track of things to do to get systems in place.


  • Leave MacJournal open on my laptop at all times, and make it the focus as much as possible. (It worked for Srinivaos.)

(This has already allowed me to blog three days consecutively, which is a bit of a record for me. This will help with blogging and working on the book I hope to self-publish.)

(Both my wife and I will be doing this as one of our shared goals.)

  • Complete a lesson of Pimsleur Spanish each day.
  • Converse with my wife in Spanish.
  • Label things in the flat with their Spanish names.
  • Attempt to find Spanish TV/movies online to watch.
  • Read Spanish websites whenever possible.


  • Kindle software on my phone, tablet, and Mac.


  • Final Cut Pro open on the Mac as often as possible.
  • Stop taking as much video until I process more on the backend.

I’m going to see about getting others in place as well, but this is a good start for the first day of the year.