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I’m turning 40 in less than 18 months, and so as I get older I am trying to stave off physical and mental decline. I’ve been doing this since I turned 32, so it’s not a new thing for me. Additionally, I’ve become interested in biohacking, or the idea that we can hack our biology and make ourselves better. What is new to all this is my adding Luminosity to the mix. I’ve been reading “Smarter: The New Science of Building Brain Power” (affiliate link) which I hope to review soon and one of the suggested courses of brain training is Luminosity.

Technically, Luminosity is not new to me…. I joined once before and never used it. As with all things (such as blogging daily) since I never did it I never made it a habit. I’m going to try to remedy that this time. I got a family plan, so hopefully my wife and parents will be able to use it as well. My wife is younger, so I imagine she’ll have less need for it, but I think it will be very useful for my parents. The trick there will be convincing them (especially my father) to use it regularly.

I did about what I was expecting when I took the test to get the 129 score above. I also did my first day of training. It seems that I am very good at problem solving, and about mediocre at everything else.


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Just look at that problem solving score! Even I didn’t know I was that good. 😉 To be honest, since that sort of problem solving would be better with a numeric keypad, and I haven’t got one on my Mac, that score should be even higher!

In addition to Lumosity, I’m going to be keeping up with the exercising (I’m doing at least swimming once a week, but am trying to get to that and/or the gym two or three times a week) and while my diet is still not all the way to sensible, I’m getting there with the wife’s help!

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