Book Review: Mockingjay


I finished the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy last night, entitled “Mockingjay”. Named after a fictional bird that plays a role in the stories, Mockingjay finishes the story of Katniss Everdeen and her friends as they are relocated to the previously unknown District 13 and prepared for the war that has been building in the previous two books. The book details their exploits during that time, and satisfyingly concludes a number of the story arcs. The events of the book are slightly less believable than the previous two, as several of the fictionalised weapons and traps needed to advance the story seem much less plausible. However, as it is dystopian fiction, this can largely be forgiven due to the explanation and level of detail provided for them. The ending of the book has several twists, one of which is entirely unexpected, and if you find yourself caring about Ms. Collins’ characters you may not be entirely pleased with that particular turn of events. The morals of the story are evident throughout the trilogy, and are a little more heavy-handed in the final book, but not to the point of distraction.

I would recommend the trilogy – it’s a good read – and a quick read, as I was able to finish all three books in three days. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie adaptations, and hopefully I can start with the first one soon.