Book Review: Catching Fire


I read the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy last night – Catching Fire. It was difficult not to want to follow up right away to see what happened in the next instalment. True to form, Ms. Collins has provided a gripping story with a surprising twist, but this time with a bigger and more interesting cast of characters. Set after the results of the first Hunger Games, the story follows the main characters as they’re forced to live with the choices made in the first book. What I found most surprising about this book was that throughout the story – and even in the first one to a large extent – the main characters are often unaware of things that are happening to them – and are part of a bigger plot that we we get hints about and are only revealed in their grandeur later. It makes for some excellent reading, as the hints are tantalising enough to lead you through the story while still making the payoff worthwhile. This story is a tad less believable than the first (insofar as dystopian future fiction can be believable) but sets up the third book quite well.

I’m more than halfway through the third book already, so I may even have the review for that up tomorrow!