Bodhi Linux 2.2 on Lenovo Thinkpad w700ds

I’ve been trying to get a Linux on the Lenovo Thinkpad w700ds for some time now.  It’s been a difficult proposition, and my initial attempts at Bodhi, Ubuntu, and Mint (essentially all Ubuntu) were unsuccessful. 

This did not make sense to me.  It’s a relatively recent laptop, and a very recent operating system.


I was getting it installed without issue, but when it would boot there would be nothing on the screen.  I could hear the initial noise when the desktop loaded, but I couldn’t see anything.


I was able to get around this using the boot option “nomodeset”.


The trick with Ubuntu-based distributions is that you have to be quick to get the GRUB menu.  Once you get it (hitting shift brings it up) then you can edit the line above the last one (after selecting the kernel) to include “nomodeset”.


Once you’re in, then you can install the NVidia video drivers.


Once the NVidia drivers are installed not only does the regular screen work, but the pop-out screen works as well!  You have to set the rotation in the NVidia control panel, but this is easy.


Everything is working well so far – the only things I haven’t tried are bluetooth (no need) and wireless (I’m using wired at the moment).  I don’t think they’d pose issues.


E17 is official now, and Enlightenment works very well!  The system is snappy and responsive, and looks fantastic.  I’m considering installing it on my personal Mac… we’ll have to see how that goes!